Big Bold Goal | Our #MoreThanPink Campaign

A lot of people think we have breast cancer figured out and that everyone is aware of the disease. It’s true that women who catch their breast cancer early (before it spreads outside of the breast) have a 99%+ survival rate, but this is not everyone’s story.

In late 2016, our organization announced a bold plan nationally to reduce the nation’s 40,000+ breast cancer deaths by 50% in 10 years, by improving access to quality and timely cancer care for the underserved and enhancing Komen’s research focus on lethal breast cancers.

This is our Big Bold Goal! To do this we need you!

See our overarching plans here:


This is why we have started our #MoreThanPink Campaign – to amplify our work to the next level with a specific focus on the goal of reducing deaths from breast cancer in our Kansas & Western Missouri Service Area.

We are inviting you to be part of changing and saving lives!

Join us in being #MoreThanPink by making a charitable gift of $218 or more (the average cost for a clinical breast exam and mammogram for someone without insurance). Gifts can be made all at once or spread out over a 12-month period.

Thank you for making the fight against breast cancer a priority now and always!