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Why is the MORE THAN PINK Walk Being Canceled?

We are not canceling!  The MORE THAN PINK Experience has evolved in response to COVID-19.  The world has changed and the health of our community is our number one priority.  To acknowledge this and to #GetBack2Health we have reimagined the experience to be one you create yourself.  Pledging to get active and raise dollars for your MORE THAN PINK Experience allows you to still be a part of the celebration.  All of your hard work to get active and raise dollars will be celebrated at a region-wide LIVE broadcast on October 24.  Details to be announced soon.  

What is the MORE THAN PINK Experience?

The MORE THAN PINK Experience allows you to pledge how you will be MORE THAN PINK over the course of the next 4 months.  Our work has always been much more than a single day and a single event.  This new experience lets you take control, pledge how you are going to be a part of the solution, and raise important dollars to benefit our mission to End Breast Cancer Forever.

How can I be involved?

Visit our registration page and register.  You are registering to pledge your commitment over the next 4 months to get active and raise dollars on behalf of Susan G. Komen Kansas + Western Missouri.  Your registration fee is 100% tax deductible.  By registering you are committing to being More Than Pink and raising important dollars to fund the priorities for our organization to achieve the mission.     

Once you have registered, start fundraising!  Checkout our new Fundraising Toolkit (COMING SOON) for ideas on how to get started and raise money.  Ask your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to pledge dollars to you over the next 4 months.  All proceeds are 100% tax deductible and go to invest in our work to End Breast Cancer Forever in our region.   

Pledge to End Breast Cancer Forever, Run or Walk a 5K, Ride your Bike for 25 miles, Volunteer 100 Hours of Service, Make Face Masks or Register To Vote and Register Others to Vote in your Region.  It’s easy to be MORE THAN PINK.  We are about #Action and getting you #Back2Health. 

I have already registered, what happens to me?

Thank you so much for registering!  We are so thankful and appreciative to you.  You are all set to get started to fundraise and pledge how you will be MORE THAN PINK.  Tell us how you are pledging to be MORE THAN PINK over the next 4 months by emailing  Your $10 registration fee is 100% tax deductible.  Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the October 24th LIVE broadcast celebration! 

Will I still get a T-Shirt?

All participants who register and raise a minimum of $100 will receive a commemorative event FUNDRAISING t-shirt. Additionally, all survivors and those living with metastatic breast cancer will receive a special t-shirt recognizing their role in our 2020 MORE THAN PINK Experience.

What do you need the most?

During this unprecedented time – we need your support to raise as much money as possible.  We have a big goal and challenge ahead of us to ensure women are screened, we achieve health equity, and we prevent the ramifications of COVID on the fight against breast cancer.  Our region needs us to be here to lead, implement change, and achieve great things. 

Even though we can’t gather together in person – we hope you will remain as committed as ever to our mission by raising dollars to End Breast Cancer Forever.    

Will you help me maintain accountability with my pledge?

Yes!  That is the beauty of what we hope to accomplish when we declare that we are MORE THAN PINK.  By pledging to be active – we will engage with you on social media and check-in with you to ensure you meet your goals (both in being active and in fundraising).  

Why do I have to register if there is no event? 

By registering – you are holding yourself accountable.  Accountability is half the challenge when meeting an ambitious goal.  We know you can do this.  Plus, the registration fee is 100% tax deductible.  These registration fees are invested in our strategic priorities including: provide screenings to the uninsured, achieve health equity, streamline access to care, and many more.