2018 Members

Congratulations to our newest members of the Pink Honor Roll (the Top 50 Race for the Cure fundraisers)!

Their combined individual efforts raised more than $84,504 (and counting) in support of screenings, treatments, education, and research to find a cure for breast cancer.

Congrats to the Top 25 Team Captains as well! Their combined Team efforts added another $105,497 (and counting) in fundraising to support our mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever.

This is a $30K increase over 2017 – And we know can do even better for 2019!

Thank you to each and every one of these dedicated individuals and their teams for their fundraising efforts. Be sure to watch throughout the year for special opportunities provided for this elite group!

Alison Banikowski*
Arleta Bateson
Marylee Battaglia*
Kendra Bealmear**
Bette Tate Beaver
Melanie Bowman
Susie Caisley
Kris Carlgren**
Bridget Chapman
Dennis Collins
Mary Daugherty**
Stephanie DeClue
Shannon DeSalvo
Nancy Dold
Christine Duffin
Debbie Fleet*
Nema Frye
Kimberly Gerard
Stephen Gerard
Jane Goodwin*
Brooke Hawkins**
Sue Honeyfield
Barbara Innes
Cheryl Jernigan*
Carol Johnson*
Jamie Klosterman*
Brenda Kuder
Christina Kuebler*
Eva-Lisa LaFerney

Brooke Latas
Jack Lawrence
Diane Layton**
Marisa Leonardelli*
Michael Levine
Casey Lewis
Margaret Lima
Kim Lund
Marlene Magill
Jenni Merker**
Mistie Parker
Tracey Patch*
Kendra Perez
Nancy Peterson
Jeanne Rau-Flattery*
Colleen Roberts*
Becky Schatz
Marya Schott
Todd Schuster*
Lori Sitek
Roxanne Suhr
Karen Temple**
Megan Thompson
Todd Tibbetts**
Michelle Twyman*
Sam Wambold
Rebecca Weedmark
Alena Wille
Ann Willoughby

* Denotes Pink Honor Roll recognition as BOTH an Individual & Team Captain
** Denotes Pink Honor Roll recognition as a Team Captain