Thank You to our More Than Pink Walk Participants!

Thank You to our More Than Pink Walk Participants!

On Saturday, October 24th, Susan G. Komen Kansas & Western Missouri put on its first ever virtual More Than Pink Walk + Broadcast Celebration. Didn’t get a chance to watch it live? Tune in to see this unforgettable experience!


We were able to share a meaningful, impactful evening with breast cancer survivors, community partners, and supporters, raising crucial funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Our incredible supporters raised $83,660.92 for our virtual More Than Pink Walk. Their generous contribution helps us expand access to care for everyone diagnosed with breast cancer, and we are so grateful for them.

Together, we took 1,350,327 steps. That’s a whole lot of stepping – let’s keep it up throughout the year! Did you know that women who get regular exercise have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who are not active? When the evidence is looked at as a whole, regular exercise appears to lower breast cancer risk by 10-20 percent.

We owe everyone a huge THANK YOU. Although the virtual More Than Pink walk occurred two weekends ago, their efforts began far back in June. Special thanks for their diligent fundraising, positive engagement, and continued support.



In recognizing their important achievements, we have announced the top individual fundraisers, top corporate fundraisers, teams who raised over $500, and the top individuals who walked the most!


Top 10 individual fundraisers:

  1. Alison Banikowski at $12,706.80
  2. Stephanie Scott at $5,351.54
  3. Melanie Bowman at $5,262.80
  4. Marva Morrison at $3,769.00
  5. Libby Sinovic at $3,330.96
  6. Corey Goodburn at $2,853.14
  7. Alix Kumer at $2,069.60
  8. Barbara Iness at $1,939.64
  9. Marylee Battaglia at $1,768.04
  10. Nancy Peterson at $1,335.20

Top 5 Corporate fundraisers:

  1. Atkins at $2,032.40
  2. Bank of America at $1,983.24
  3. KU Cancer Center at $299
  4. Black & Veatch at $110
  5. Balm Box at $106.40

Teams who raised over $500:

  • Alison’s Allies at $14,915
  • Stridin’ for Cures at $6,387.20
  • Stephanie’s Pretty in Pink Posse at $5,351.54
  • Kumer Team at $4,669.60
  • Buh-bye breast cancer! at $4,510.96
  • PINK N PROUD at $3,849.28
  • Goodburn Family and Friends at $3,595.06
  • AMETEK for the CURE at $2,590
  • Atkins KCMO at $2,032.40
  • W.E. LEAD Together at $1,983.24
  • Fancynanax6 at $1,385.20
  • Jane’s Warriors at $1,212
  • Weston at $1,149.40
  • Team Bonnie at $1,008.80
  • Monticello at $839.60
  • Connie’s Crusaders at $708.20
  • Team Cheryl at $691.20
  • Team Komen at $676.60
  • Walking for Research at $620
  • Keeper of the Coconuts at $590

Top Five Step Leaders:

  1. Ronna Kimbrell at 429,311 steps
  2. Sara Goodburn at 378,089 steps
  3. Mary Beth Housdan at 153,299 steps
  4. Carol Bush at 136,171 steps
  5. Heather Wright Renick. at 57,783 steps

Thank you for your dedication to ending breast cancer forever. We are so grateful for your efforts. You are the individuals that help drive impact and save lives.

We owe a special thanks to 41 Action News Anchor, Cynthia Newsome, for hosting the virtual More Than Pink Broadcast Celebration, as well as the Komen KSWMO Team for coordinating this event!

Last, but certainly not least, we need to thank our More Than Pink Sponsors for making this event possible. We value and appreciate their continued partnership! 



The end of October does not mean the end of breast cancer! Please consider making a monthly donation to Susan G. Komen Kansas & Western Missouri to support research, drive impact, and save lives.